Welcome to my web site. I hope that you will find something of interest here. I am a writer and broadcaster on a whole range of subjects: health, psychology, weight, parenthood, relationships and humour. Much of my work has been seen as controversial but this helps to make the debate more interesting. I'm the author of five books and I also write for newspapers and magazines. I regularly appear on radio and TV debates, too. As well as some biographical details I have included comments and reviews of my books and hope to add some other articles to the site during this year.

My latest book, What Have You Got to Lose, develops my thoughts from the first three books on the size acceptance issue, (Being Fat Is Not A Sin, The Forbidden Body and Sizeable Reflections) and draws on my own experience of losing weight, (nearly seven stone.) The book examines the reasons why 95% of diets fail and shows how, with commitment, you can be among the 5% who succeed in achieving permanent weight loss. It also addresses issues around fatness and health.

My fourth book, The Empty Nest, also drew on my personal experience of my three children leaving home and the effect that it had on us as a couple. In the book, other parents tell their stories about their own feelings and experiences when their children flew the nest. Very emotional at times!

In fact much of my writing and broadcasting has developed from personal experiences - some of them very painful such as 'The Loss of a Brother' (BBC R4 web site - Home Truths) - but thankfully some of them quite entertaining. I hope to add examples of these in due course.

If you want to share any comments with me please contact me via The Women's Press, 34 Great Sutton Street, London EC1V OLQ UK or at [email protected].

I do hope you find something of interest here.

Best wishes