Size Matters :: The Guardian, Saturday March 16, 2002
For more than a decade, Shelley Bovey has championed the cause of fat women. Now the realisation that she could not accept her own size has led her to write a book about successful dieting.
Case of the limp-wristed stud
I wrote this piece about our eccentric Burmese cat, Claude, and I promise you it is true!

The Big Issue :: Sunday Herald Online
The Loss of a Brother :: BBC R4 website - Home Truths
I'd written an article for the Independent on how sibling bereavement is often overlooked. My own brother had been killed when he was 17. John Peel interviewed me on his programme Home Truths as a result of the article.
I was afraid about telling the truth :: Independent website
A piece about the difficulties encountered by a prominent size acceptance activist - me! - when she decides to lose weight.
I could help him, said the doctor :: Telegraph family website
This was a piece commissioned by the Telegraph as part of the euthanasia debate. My father's agonising, lingering death had been eased by a compassionate doctor and I was grateful for his intervention.